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Syracuse Football: Dino Babers Doesn't Think Any of You Deserve No. 44

Dino Babers might be new to the area but he damn sure has a lot of respect for No. 44.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The first leg of the Syracuse Orange No Huddle Tour in Buffalo had no shortage of great quotes from Jim Boeheim and Dino Babers (we'll get to them). But there's one in particular that caught our eye.

You remember No. 44? It's kinda a big deal around here. Last year we had a whole bunch of discussions about whether or not an incoming recruit could be the first person to wear the vaunted number in almost 20 years. That led to a lot of awkward conversations and whether or not the number was retired and conversations about those conversations and the whole thing got really weird.

Dino Babers showed up at Syracuse without a lot of connections to the university and it's history. But when it comes to No. 44, he's well-versed in what it means. He also have a FIRE EMOJI-strong opinion about who deserves to wear it.

"Here's what I'll say about the 44, you guys can hear me right?" Babers said. "Let me say this. Jim Brown. Floyd Little. Ernie Davis. Are you kidding me? 44? I'm not sure there's a guy we're recruiting worthy enough to even put that damn jersey on, honestly. I know what that means to me. I know what it means to the people in this group. And if we have a guy that damn egotistical that he doesn't want to come to Syracuse University because he doesn't have that jersey on, piss on him."


It's a great quote, no matter how you feel about No. 44, because...

1. It's an open challenge to everyone on the roster.

2. It's an open challenge to recruits who think they might be worthy. "Oh yeah? Come on and prove it."

My guess, based solely on that, is that we won't see No. 44 back on the field anytime soon. At least not while Dino's around. At this point we've got bigger fish to fry anyway.

Seriously though, no peeing on or near recruits, no matter how they feel about Ernie Davis.