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Syracuse University Announces Carrier Dome Renovations Will Include New Fixed Roof

Now it's official, SU will be replacing the roof on the Dome as part of $205 million in renovations.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As foretold in the ancient scrolls, Syracuse University has announced that they will pump $205 million into renovations for the Carrier Dome, which includes replacing the current roof with a fixed one.

The new West Campus Project will include substantial renovations to Archbold Gymnasium to create the "Arch," a new state-of-the-art student-focused health and wellness complex; replacement of the aging Carrier Dome roof with a new fixed roof; comprehensive Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-related accessibility and mobility upgrades at both facilities; and other improvements to the Dome. The Board’s action reaffirms the University’s commitment to offering a distinct student experience that includes a major on-campus athletics stadium, an exceptional health and wellness resource, and an unrivaled level of campus accessibility and safety.

As many details regarding the project need to be finalized, there is no detailed project timeline or exact final cost at this time. However, the project is expected to include approximately $50 million for the Arch project; approximately $105 million for a new Dome roof; and approximately $100 million for improvements that include Americans with Disability Act-related upgrades critical to ensuring an inclusive experience as well as other improvements to the Dome.

According to SU spokesperson Kevin Quinn, there is currently no timeline for the project to commence.

Tons of info yet to come about this, including exactly what those $100 million in improvements entails, and what the "Arch" looks like, exactly. Given the strange timing of the announcement (Monday afternoon) and lack of quotes from notable SU folks (Boeheim? Babers?) , one wonders if it was pushed to beat out a leak or report that was coming even though details aren't finalized.

One thing that caught our eye here is the lack of references to "Carrier."

As for that one time it is mentioned, it's referred to as "the aging Carrier Dome..." There's been speculation about whether or not SU can get out of that terrible naming rights deal and this will certainly fuel that fire. Perhaps by changing the roof and making certain renovations, they can claim that it's a "new" stadium and the deal is void?

SU plans to use private donations, governmental support and other resources to pay for the work.

Dome renovations have been a long time coming. Hopefully we get more info, and find out what the timeline is, soon.