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Syracuse Football: Orange Attending Satellite Camp in Ontario, Holding Own in Brooklyn

Add two more satellite camps to Syracuse's growing list.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The college football world has been booming with satellite camps in recent weeks, as the NCAA's decision reversal has caused a bit of a jailbreak country-wide. Our own Syracuse Orange, like it or not, have to keep up with the times -- and to their credit, they very much have thus far.

Today, the program announced attendance at two separate camps in the month of June. The first, the NCAA Exposure Camp in Ontario (Canada), will bring SU coaches to St. Catharine's along with staff members from Jacksonville, Lafayette, Maine and New Mexico State. The second, the Dino Babers Football Camp, will be run by Syracuse at Brooklyn's Erasmus Hall High School.

Syracuse is promoting the announcement via video, as you'll see below.

The Ontario camp runs June 11-12, while the Brooklyn camp is just on the 11th. These are the fourth and fifth satellite camps for Syracuse this offseason. The Orange will also be at camps in Cleveland, New Jersey and Norfolk, Va. Syracuse will also host two camps in Syracuse on June 18-19, as mentioned by Stephen Bailey in his original story for


Who knows how many more of these we see in the coming weeks. Despite this week's athletic department shake-up, it's good to see the football program continuing to move forward.