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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: Syracuse Lacrosse vs. Albany NCAA Tourney Preview

Postseason lacrosse this weekend! Let's dive in.


BONUS PODCAST! Every so often, Syracuse Orange sports podcast topics need some separation from one another. In moments like that, you get two different shows in one week. This is one of those weeks.

In this episode, John Cassillo is joined by TNIAAM lacrosse editor James Simmons preview Syracuse men's lacrosse and its upcoming matchup with Albany in the NCAA Tournament. Some of the larger talking points:

  • Albany's bad at faceoffs and Syracuse is pretty good at them; does that equal a victory, though?
  • More about the obvious RPI issue coming out of NCAA Tournament selections
  • Why another Denver championship would be good for the sport
  • Ivy League rising: Or, why Yale could make the Final Four
  • It's unlikely this Syracuse vs. Albany game looks anything like the last one
  • Final Four picks from both Jim and John

Plan accordingly: This podcast runs around 30 minutes. We talk exclusively about Syracuse lacrosse and the NCAA Tournament. No beer. That was the other podcast this week.

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