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Syracuse Women's Lacrosse: No, Maryland's Not Takin' Away Kayla Treanor's Shot

Kayla Treanor has been a staple of Syracuse women's lacrosse for four years now. The NCAA Tournament is her last chance to fulfill a dream.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Kayla Treanor came to Syracuse with one goal in mind: Winning a National Championship.

Treanor will leave Syracuse as the most successful women's lacrosse player ever. She has all the accolades and awards, but that National Championship has eluded her this whole time, and she's determined to win one this year.

The Syracuse Orange kick off 2016 NCAA Tournament play on Sunday when they play the winner of the Stony Brook - Boston College game. The Daily Orange's Sam Fortier steps inside the mind of Treanor as she stares down one last shot before her college career ends and whether or not SU can overcome that final hump, not to mention outlast Maryland, who has eliminated SU in the three previous NCAA Tournaments.

Former teammate of Treanor's and current Syracuse assistant, Michelle Tumolo had this to say:

"It's do-or-die at this point. If there's a year we could do it, it's this year. We have everything we need. It's championship or bust."

The career leading goal scorer in Syracuse history with 254, Treanor is on pace to score her least amount of goals in a season but she doesn't care. To her, its all about the success of the team.

"You don't score to get on the stat sheet. You score to beat a team," Treanor said. "It's a culture thing here. You're a part of something way bigger than yourself. You buy into all the things the coaches say because that's the standard."

Treanor is an unbelievable overall lacrosse player. Freshman year, she was switched from middie to attack, breaking the school record for goals in a season. In her senior year, coach Gary Gait asked her to take draws, despite not taking them since high school. In her first game she won a school record 19 draws. On the season, she has shattered the school record for most draws won with 189 and that number will continue to increase.

None of this matters to Treanor though. The only thing she cares about is winning that National Championship:

"She's pround of it," her father said. "But she doesn't want it to be a distraction. If the whole team gets a ring, she wears it proudly. If she wins an individual trophy, it goes in a box and to us."

The Orange are the 4th seed, but will be playing on the road due to a lack of hotel room vacancies. Treanor is looking to build on that legacy she already has, and a National Championship is the one thing that is missing from her already-impressive accomplishments.