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Syracuse Getting $500,000 Buyout From Minnesota For Mark Coyle

A silver lining in Mark Coyle's abrupt departure is that Syracuse is basically getting reimbursed for his one-year salary.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Mark Coyle is leaving the Syracuse Orange for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. As a parting gift, he's giving SU $500,000.

Well, kinda. Coyle's SU contract includes a $500,000 buyout clause and Minnesota will be footing the bill for that. The Daily Gopher got their hands on Coyle's contract with UM, which outlines the payment:


It's unclear what Coyle's salary was at Syracuse and we won't find out for a while yet but his predecessor was making in the range of $570K/year. It's assumed that Coyle's salary was smaller than that, meaning that the buyout will probably cover the one year he was on the payroll and potentially net Syracuse a profit.

So, thanks Mark!

Of course, it's reminder that a school like Minnesota is always going to be able to swoop in and offer a bigger salary to our AD, but at least we know we're going to get some kind of compensation for our troubles if and when it happens again.