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Floyd Little is Moving On From Syracuse After 5 Years as Special Assistant to AD

The Syracuse legend will complete his tenure at the post in June.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There were some rumors floating around here and there over the past few months about the possibility of Floyd Little semi-retiring from his position in the Syracuse Athletic Department. Now, it's official.

In an interview with Bud Polquin of the Post-Standard, Little recounts his time at SU on the business side. He talked about how the eperience has been "the best job I've ever had." The reason? With his title, he has been able to reach out to people in a positive way and has been a great ambassador for the athletic department.

Little said that if SUA hadn't offered him what they're calling a "vountary separation package," which is basically a way of saying "you have the option to retire from this position on your own, we're not forcing you out," he would probably be working for a few more years at least.

With the news of Mark Coyle's departure today, we can now cross Little off the list of potential candidates to act as an interim AD until the school makes the decision on a new permanent one.

It's sad to see such a great human being like Little go, but like he said, he has been working for 50-60 years now and he would like to do more traveling and enjoy some time with his wife without the burden of having to cut a vacation short.

Happy trails, Floyd!