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Syracuse Athletics' Historic Year Brings Capital One Cup Success

We've been following the Syracuse Orange's standings in the NACDA Athletic Director's Cup all year, but the Orange are also a Top Ten Team in the Capital One Cup. Let's look at those standings

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We've been talking about the Director's Cup a lot on here, but we haven't been writing updates on the Capital One Cup. The Capital One Cup is a national ranking system that determines the best men's and women's sports programs nationwide. The way it works is that there are two divisions of scoring, Group A and Group B, and both are assigned different point values for first through 10th place in the final standings of each sport. Unlike the NACDA standings, the Capital One Cup puts a premium on success in a few major sports.

So far, and as you might expect, this has been the best year for the Orange. The men's team is currently in eighth place while the women's team is tied for fifth place with Minnesota. For reference, they placed 21st and 17th respectfully last year and had their best combined finish in 2012-13, finishing 9th and 21st.

With both Orange lacrosse teams in the post-season, there is an opportunity for Syracuse to capture big points from that Group B sport. You also have tennis, outdoor track and field, softball, and women's rowing in action and hoping to make a strong push in their respective post-seasons.

Regardless of how the spring seasons conclude, it's clear that Syracuse will establish new program bests in both all-sport competitions, and that's something that we should applaud.