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Syracuse Softball: Corinne Ozanne is a Great Leader Both On and Off the Field

The senior slugger has been a natural mentor to her teammates and everyone around her.

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Players like senior first baseman Corinne Ozanne come around but once every number of years. Not only is she a stellar player on the field, but a fantastic motivator off of it. In Matt Feldman's latest Daily Orange piece, he recounts how Ozanne has flourished as a leader in the clubhouse and in the elementary school classroom she observes.

She has been great at mentoring younger kids, and it all began with her siblings. Ozanne would be there when times got tough at school for her little sister while she helped her brother when it came to sports. In the article, she says that she has always been fond of being there for people, regardless of age.

Ozanne has certainly made her mark in Syracuse softball history as the career home-run leader with 50 as it stands today. When she graduates with the rest of the Class of 2016, she says she wants to either pursue a career as a teacher or a softball coach. Her teammates and coaches believe that she would be very successful at whatever path she chooses.

One of the stories within Feldman's piece is a testament to the kind of leader she truly is. Over the summer last year, she helped her travel coach, Don Meister, with one of his U18 teams during a tournament in New Jersey. The team had been on an eight-game losing streak, but with Ozanne at the helm, they were able to win six-straight and asked if she could stay longer. She was able to form a bond with the girls and elevate their play in a way that Meister couldn't.

If the Orange are to make the NCAA tournament again for the first time in four years, Ozanne will have to keep doing what she's doing. She currently has 43 hits in 156 at-bats for a .276 batting average, plus 33 RBIs on the season.

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As the seventh seed in the ACC Championship, Syracuse is set to face second-seeded Louisville this Thursday at 5 p.m. ET in Raleigh, N.C. All of the quarterfinal games will be televised on the RSNs and can be streamed on ESPN3.