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How Badly Did We Screw Up 2015-2016 Syracuse Basketball Season Predictions?

There was just no predicting a team that didn't win 20 games in the regular season would end up in the Final Four, so how badly did we do back in November?

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange basketball team surprised a lot of folks this season with their run to the Final Four. That was abundantly clear when shared their preseason predictions from back in November and everyone overpredicted their regular-season record and under-predicted their post-season run.

That got us thinking about our predictions and how terrible they must have been. So we took a look...

Prognosticator: Sean Keeley
Record: 22-9 (11-7)
NCAAT: 6th seed, Round of 32

Prognosticator: Andy Pregler
Record: 20-11 (9-9)
NCAAT: 5th seed

Prognosticator: Andrew Carey
Record: 21-10 (10-8)
NCAAT: 5th seed, Elite Eight

Prognosticator: John Cassillo
Record: 22-9 (11-7)
NCAAT: 7th seed, Round of 32

Prognosticator: Dan Lyons
Record: 21-10 (10-8)
NCAAT: 5th seed, Sweet Sixteen

Prognosticator: Kenny Lacy
Record: 23-8 (12-6)
NCAAT: 4th seed, Elite Eight

Prognosticator: Kevin Wall
Record: 21-10 (11-7)
NCAAT: 6th seed, Sweet Sixteen

Prognosticator: Brian Tahmosh
Record: 21-10 (11-7)
NCAAT: 8th seed, Sweet Sixteen

Prognosticator: Nick Petraccione
Record: 21-10 (10-8)
NCAAT: 7th seed, Sweet Sixteen

Prognosticator: James Szuba
Record: 19-12 (9-9)
NCAAT: 10th seed, Round of 32

Prognosticator: Michael Burke
Record: 21-10 (10-8)
NCAAT: 7th seed, Round of 32

As expected, we almost all overestimated the Orange in the regular season. Everyone except James, who not only nailed the regular-season record but also the NCAA seed. It would have been logical for his guess of Round of 32 to have been true, except we know that logic went out the window in the NCAAs. That's when Andrew C. and Kenny picked up withs for their Elite Eight predictions, which were pretty close.

What did we learn? I guess that nobody knows what the hell is gonna happen. But then again we already knew that...