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Syracuse Basketball: Graduating in May, Chino Obokoh Will Transfer

The revolving door of Syracuse Orange basketball keeps moving as SU loses a bench big man.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Per Donna Ditota, Syracuse Orange big man Chinonso Obokoh is transferring.

Obokoh joins Kaleb Joseph and Christian White as current SU players opting out of another season with the program. Chino probably saw the writing on the wall with DaJuan Coleman returning and Paschal Chukwu playing and realized there wasn't much room for him in Boeheim's short rotation.

The crazy part is that Obokoh will graduate in May (as a junior) so he will be eligible as a graduate transfer to play right away wherever he lands. Considering everything else he's had to do while a part of the basketball team, that's kinda crazy.

Obokoh played in eleven games for SU this season but only once in February and beyond. His best effort was an eleven-point, six-rebound performance against Montana State.

Fare thee well, Chino.

Discounting White, that's now five scholarship players who have transferred out of the program in the last two years. Don't think we've ever seen a stretch like that and it makes you wonder whether it's a recruiting problem or just a blip. In the meantime Orange fans, please consult the current scholarship situation right here.