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Syracuse Basketball: What Does Next Season's Starting Lineup Look Like?

Too soon? Probably.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With the Syracuse Orange basketball season coming to a close on Saturday night against North Carolina in the Final Four, it's time to shift focus to next season. Starting lineup prognostications are among the favorite topics off discussion for Syracuse fans in the off-season. This season Jim Boeheim used the same starting lineup for all 37 games. Will that be the case again next year? The TNIAAM team got together (via slack) to predict who Jim Boeheim's five starters will be in 2016-2017.

As of right now, if nothing changes this will be Syracuse's roster for next season:

G - Kaleb Joseph: Junior

G - Franklin Howard: Sophomore

G - Tyus Battle: Freshman

G/F - Malachi Richardson: Sophomore

F - Tyler Roberson: Senior

F - Matt Moyer: Freshman

F/C - Tyler Lydon: Sophomore

C - Chinonso Obokoh: Senior

C - Paschal Chukwu: Sophomore

C - Dajuan Coleman: Senior

Syracuse will still have one scholarship remaining should this be its roster. It's possible the Orange could add a graduate transfer like Grant Mullins or pick up a commitment from 2016 target Taurean Thompson. Any of the above players could transfer or test out the professional game in either the NBA or overseas. For this question, we assume the above roster will be the official roster for 2016-2017.

Assuming all eligible players return, who do you think will start for Syracuse next year?

John Casillo: Battle, Richardson, Lydon, Roberson, Chukwu.

Sean Keeley: I'll go with Frank Howard, Tyler Lydon, Tyler Roberson, Dajuan Coleman and Paschal Chukwu as the starters but as we know, that doesn't mean much to Boeheim. Expect Battle and Moyer quick off the bench.

Andrew Carey: Assuming all players with eligibility stay, my starting five would be: Frank Howard, Malachi Richardson, Tyler Lydon, Tyler Roberson and Paschal Chukwu. The first two off the bench would be Battle and Coleman.

Kevin Wall: If everyone is back, I think the starting five is Howard, Malachi, Lydon, Roberson and Coleman. I don't know enough about Battle to know if he can handle the point, so I think Howard starts and umm that's a giant starting lineup for college basketball.

James Szuba: I think the starting five will be Howard, Richardson, Lydon, Roberson and Coleman. I think Boeheim gives the nod to his fifth-year senior in the middle but Chukwu remains an interesting prospect. Syracuse will probably go as deep as eight next season with Chukwu, Moyer and Battle rounding out the rotation but man am I rooting for Kaleb Joseph like hell.


What do you think, Orange Nation? Leave your thoughts and starting five predictions below in the comments section.