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For Sale: One Syracuse Basketball National Championship Ring

Former Syracuse great Dave Bing's family has put some of his Orange memorabilia up for bidding, including a 2003 National Championship Ring.

Goldin Auctions

If you've got some spare cash lying around and you've always wanted to own a piece of Syracuse Orange history, now is your chance. Syracuse legend Dave Bing's family is putting up several pieces of memorabilia from his career up for auction, including a 2003 National Championship ring given to him by SU. The minimum bid for the ring starts at $5,000. 

There are 27 pieces up for auction total, which are posted for bidding online. Other items include two NBA All-Star rings, a MVP certificate from a Syracuse University Athletics Award dinner, and a NBA Rookie of the Year trophy from the Philadelphia Sports Writers Club. 

Bing told that he has recently moved and gave the items to his grandkids to downsize. The grandkids put the items up for auction, although Bing said he was not upset by their actions.

"I don't think they value it the same way," said Bing. "When I downsized, that's how you realize how much stuff you have. I'm not that sentimental, to be honest with you." 


This may surprise some Orange fans given the prestige of owning a championship ring, but realistically it seems rational for Bing to part with a ring that he didn't win. I do wonder if he offered to give it back to the school, or if the school wants it back.