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Syracuse Football: Orange Release Post-Spring Depth Chart

The first look at the Dino Babers era is here.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange football program has released its post-spring depth chart. The first depth chart of the Dino Babers era comes 20 days after the team's spring game on April 2. I'm pretty surprised we actually saw one of these before summer, to be honest. But no complaints from this end!

Let's take a look at what we've got:

Post Spring Depth Chart

First, for comparison's sake, here's the final depth chart from last season.

Your changes:


  • Eric Dungey re-takes his place at quarterback now that he's healthy again. In some ways, you didn't expect Zack Mahoney to be right behind him here, but in others, it makes sense since he has experience.
  • Dontae Strickland is no longer relegated to "hybrid" duty, as you figured. What you didn't figure was that he would be the new starting running back. Jordan Fredercks is right behind him and will see plenty of carries himself. Moe Neal has overtaken George Morris, which could be a sign of things to come.
  • Starting wide receivers Steve Ismael, Ervin Philips and Brisly Estime all make sense. What may surprise you: Adly Enoicy and Jamal Custis are finally being used (yay!). Also, walk-ons Jacob Hill and Tyler Gilfus have been moved to wide receiver.
  • Cam MacPherson leaps over more experienced options at tight end to grab the starting gig.
  • Offensive line is actually exactly what you'd expect.


  • Maybe a bit surprising to see Steven Clark listed on the second line? Other than that, this was the starting defensive line you were probably banking on. Kenneth Ruff enrolling in January could be end up being the best thing that happened to him in terms of playing time.
  • Linebacker was sort of up in the air to begin with, so any shuffling among the top five or six players was par for the course. Babers and Brian Ward have moved the bigger, faster players to the top of this depth chart for the time being. Eric Anthony and Terrell Drayton have also been moved to linebacker.
  • No real changes in the secondary either. Corey Winfield, Antwan Cordy, Kielan Whitner and Cordell Hudson are your starters, but the guys right behind them will see plenty of snaps.


As Babers told

"They're not going to be solidified until we play Colgate. We are going to let them [the players] run and they are either going to stay in that group or move up or move down. I told the team the coaches don't set the depth charts. It has nothing to do with me. It has everything to do with them."

He's challenging these players to change the way they do things, and so far, it seems like they've responded as a team. Perhaps there's more to read into with the depth chart above, or perhaps not. In any case, Syracuse football will be looking a whole lot different this fall.

Any more surprising changes you noticed? Shout'em out below.