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Syracuse Finishes 10th in Final Director's Cup Winter Standings for 2015-16

SU's athletic success nets them some nice honors this year.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, you've probably heard that Syracuse Orange sports have done pretty well this year. Historically well, actually.

Back in the fall, on the back of two national championships (cross country and field hockey), SU found itself second overall in the final NACDA Learfield Director's Cup standings for that season. This, all while getting nothing from football.

Just a few weeks ago, Syracuse's Final Four runs in both men's and women's basketball, respectively, paired with an 11th-place national finish for track had the Orange in sixth overall. Our own Kevin Wall pointed out that SU could accumulate no points between early April and this points run, so it's no surprise that Syracuse dropped down to 10th in this latest update.

That's not a bad thing at all.

While it's not second or sixth, the final winter standing of 10th still represents the highest spot Syracuse have ever had. Four Big Ten teams (Ohio State, Michigan, Minnesota and Penn State) found themselves trailing Stanford in the top five (thanks, ice hockey!). The Orange were third in the ACC behind Notre Dame and North Carolina.

The final update on the year for Syracuse will come June 2, after men's and women's lacrosse and tennis wrap up. While it might not completely make up the gap for the lack of Orange baseball, SU's strong teams in all three sports could potentially offset much of a potential drop after all the other teams near the top of the standings wrap up baseball (and softball) season.


Fun times ahead as the Orange try to close out a record-setting year with a few final championship pushes. As a reminder, Syracuse has never finished higher than 39th in the Director's Cup standings.