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2016 Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Best GIF, Tweet, Image, Meme

The votes have been tallied and it's time to present the winners.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The votes have been counted and we now know who has won the 2016 Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards. Below you'll find the winners of the "social media" or visual categories. Specifically, best tweet, gif, image and meme.

Let's get to it...

sob awards

Best Tweet

TNIAAM Vote: Tyler Lydon and his early mastery of social media at such a young age got several votes from the staff. Rightfully so.

Commenter Vote: You guys were firmly in the camp of DC's snide tweet directly at Doug Gottlieb.

Winner: Coleman got a couple votes from the staff as well, and that puts him over the edge. Tyler's best will get another year to delight us, we're sure.

Best Meme

TNIAAM Vote: In a surprising move, the Virginia Bench Shrug found itself atop the list, mostly because of how badly it turned on the Hoos.

Commenter Vote:Though not in a landslide, the #SorryNotSorry/Apology Tour won out by way of a certain open letter from a certain head honcho on this blog.

Winner: With its second-place showing among the staff, and a big win in the comments, the apology tour and its mascot, Open Letter, take it by a hair. It's the most-read article in the long, storied history of this site for a reason, after all. My favorite selection, in a list of them from the post:

Open Letter Selection

Best GIF/Vine

TNIAAM Vote: Tyler Lydon, once again being the best.

Commenter Vote: The Boeheim Eff You Tour, which will find itself in circulation among Syracuse fans for many years to come.

Winner: Once again, you all were far less enamored with Lydon's meme-ability than we were. That's fine. He'll just sweep all of these next year.

(Updated below to use the hi-res version from the gif's creator, Chris Ventura)

The Jim Boeheim Revenge Tour #cuse

A video posted by Christoph Ventura (@christophventura) on

Best Image

TNIAAM Vote: Michael Gbinije, the picture of sportsmanship while Virginia encapsulates defeat.

Commenter Vote: You guys were torn, but Malachi Richardson's already-iconic "three goggles" seemed to win out by a hair.

Winner: Malachi and the technicolor dream glasses showed up a couple times in the staff vote too. Despite a tight vote all around, that's enough to nudge it over the line for the win.