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2016 Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards: Player Category Winners

The votes have been tallied and it's time to present the winners.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The votes have been counted and we now know who has won the 2016 Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards. Today, we'll reveal the winners for our player categories....Best Walk-On, Best Freshman, Best Sophomore, Best Junior, and Best Senior.

Let's get to it...

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Best Walk-On

TNIAAM Vote: We were pretty firmly Team Doyin Akintobi-Adeyeye, mostly because of his dance moves.

Commenter Vote: Look, we're not saying the vote was rigged but Shaun Belbey and Evan Dourdas got more votes than we usually get for an entire season of game polls. Belbey is apparently a terrible dancer but that wasn't enough. Dourdas collected 2,228 dubious votes and pulled away for the victory.

Winner: Who are we to deny such a dominating, if not suspect, vote. Congrats, Dourdas!

Best Freshman

TNIAAM Vote: We were 7-3 in favor of Malachi Richardson.

Commenter Vote: You guys favored Tyler Lydon by a 381-284 vote. Here's FeloniousPhunk's reasoning:

The one factor yet to be mentioned is that he spent the vast majority of the year overmatched and out of position, yet still managed to play very well. He was more consistent and, on top of that, I think he has a chance to be the better of the two. Malachis game is so smooth and natural, it’s hard to see where he can improve significantly. Lydon, on the other hand, is raw by comparison. Thinking about what he could do with 20 lbs and a tighter handle is almost erection inducing.

Winner: We hear you guys on Lydon, he's probably the more "fun" freshman, but if it came down to it, you're gonna ride with Richardson. Malachi gets the nod.

Best Sophomore

TNIAAM Vote: Kaleb Joseph, because there's literally no other option.

Commenter Vote: Kaleb Joseph, because there's literally no other option.

Winner: Kaleb Joseph, because there's literally no other option.

Best Junior

TNIAAM Vote: Tyler Roberson across the board.

Commenter Vote: Sorry Chino, this one was all Robie.

Winner: Tyler Roberson, duh.

Best Senior/Grad

TNIAAM Vote: All due respect to Trevor Cooney but Michael Gbinije got our unanimous pick.

Commenter Vote: Trevor did pretty well in this vote but it was Gbinije winning out, 221-172. Here's Felonious again making a case for Trev.

It’s clear G was the best senior, and best player. But I’ll make a case for Cooney as most valuable based on the fact that, as he went, so did the Orange. G was a model of consistency, but winning and losing often depended on how well Cooney played.

Winner: Clearly, it's Swaggy G.