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The Syracuse Community and Others Remember Pearl Washington

We lost one of the most legendary, important, and beloved members of the Syracuse basketball community on Wednesday, and the public reaction is proof of that.


Dwayne "Pearl" Washington passed away on Wednesday at age 52, succumbing to the brain tumor he was diagnosed with last summer.

This is obviously an incredibly sad day for Syracuse Orange basketball and the entire Syracuse community, so let's take a moment to look at some of the reaction from all across the Syracuse spectrum.

Take special notice of the stories told by Coach Mike Hopkins and sportswriter Adam Himmelsbach. They speak to WHO this man was.

Don't ever let someone tell you it's just a game. It has the power to transform and touch many lives. Pearl Washington was proof of that.

Click through for Coach Hopkins's full story on Pearl, which will all display at the link.

Plenty more from around the sports world too. Share your own reactions below.