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Greg McDermott Says Kaleb Joseph Will 'Fit In Well Within The Creighton University Community'

We promise not to mention how Kaleb Joseph was supposed to be Tyler Ennis' understudy in his freshman year. Promise.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It's been over two weeks since we first learned that sophomore point guard Kaleb Joseph would be leaving the Syracuse Orange men's basketball program in hopes to find greener pastures. With Joseph set to transfer to Creighton, people are already thrilled about his arrival -- namely, Creighton's head coach.

"We are very excited to add someone with Kaleb's character and athletic ability to the Creighton family." Greg McDermott said. "He is a multi-dimensional guard who possesses exceptional playmaking ability. He will fit in well within the Creighton University community and the city of Omaha. We are excited to welcome he and his family into the Bluejay family."

With that, McDermott brings up an excellent point about Joseph's character. All the while Joseph sat on the bench to find himself as the third string point guard, he appeared to handle it well. When his teammates did something positive on the court he would cheer them on. If there were a flaw in his character he refused to let it show.

Nonetheless, Joseph is gone and will start fresh in Omaha. In the 2017-2018 season he will look to continue the success of point guard transfers at Creighton but first he'll have to sit out the upcoming season. Maurice Watson Jr., a transfer from Boston University, averaged 14.1 points, 6.5 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game this past year and led the Bluejays in scoring in his inaugural season. Watson is a rising senior, which will allow Joseph to observe and compete against him in practice during Watson's final year of eligibility.

I'll spare you all the stats and the information you already know. So with that, Creighton fans, please be kind to the Bloodshooter. Although I would attest that if you conjured up all the vitriol in Bluejay nation it would still pale in comparison to the rancor that Joseph received from Syracuse fans at times. Whether it were fair or not is another story, but I won't digress too far. We wish you and the Bloodshooter well in the Big East. And please, call him Bloodshooter.

Kidding aside, best of luck, K.J.