Mike Tirico Thinks Syracuse Haters "Shoud All Shut Up"


"I think they should all shut up, if you just want to start with that. It's so sophomoric and moronic to go to this whole hate thing for a group, really, if you talk about the players involved, 18-22-year-old kids who didn't do a thing wrong. You can hold whatever you want against Jim Boeheim or the university if you have individual issues or problems or are just sick of seeing the same school over and over. But the same fraudulent people who say it's not about the kids have taken what these kids have done and watered down their accomplishments. I think that's chicken bleep, to be very honest with you. The people that are doing that, great. We're in a society where people have to fill up air time, and often times they'll say things without much thought."

Mike Tirico speaking with Brent Axe about the hate Syracuse has been getting in the NCAA Tournament