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2016 Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards Voting: Best Meme

What was the meme that we'll remember most about the SU basketball season?


The 2016 Syracuse Orange Blogger (S.O.B.) Awards are here. Honoring the players, coaches, fans and moments from the 2015-2016 Syracuse Orange basketball season, we here at TNIAAM are splitting the process between ourselves and you, the dear readers.

Today's category: Best Meme

When we think of meme versus GIF/Vine, we're thinking about something that took on a life of it's own and expanded throughout the fanbase. Not just one moment, but a "campaign" that everyone jumped on.

Here's a couple that we thought of...

The Crying Jordaning of Virginia

After Syracuse defeated Virginia in the Elite Eight with an insane comeback, it was obvious that they were about to get the Crying Jordan treatment. And so it was...


From the moment Syracuse basketball made the NCAA Tournament, it felt like Orange fans had to apologize for it. Then we kept winning and we kept having to apologize. With each win, SU took a "better" team out of the tournament and made it further than they were "supposed to," all the while being "gifted" with easy wins.

All we could do was keep apologizing for our success.

The Jim Boeheim Revenge Tour

As Syracuse moved through the NCAA Tournament, it became clear that this was some kind of revenge/vengeance tour for Boeheim and SU Basketball, sticking it to the NCAA. We all noticed.

Cast your vote in the comments for these or another meme. We'll announce the winner later this week.