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Syracuse Women's Basketball: Alexis Peterson Not Resting On Her Laurels

Alexis Peterson says the best is yet to come for her play in a Syracuse Orange uniform.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Alexis Peterson already has a legacy cemented in Syracuse Orange women's basketball history. After playing in the National Championship game two days after dislocating her shoulder, Petey still isn't satisfied and said she wants to make her senior season her best in an interview with's Lindsey Kramer:

"I'm just locked in. This experience (of reaching the title game) just really put things in perspective of how accomplish-able my goals can be if I just work hard. So I don't want to have a downfall in that,'' she said. "I'm just staying focused and preparing and understanding that this is my last season coming up, the last go-around. So I kind of want to make this the best one.''

Despite phenomenal play for the Orange all season long, Peterson still feels she can get in better shape which will bring her game to another level:

"I just think I need to get in a little bit better shape. I need to get stronger," she said. "And that's one of my biggest goals, is to get in the best shape possible for next season, to be able to play 40 minutes, night-in and night out, not have a drop in consistency in my play or my game. I think that will be the biggest thing. And if I get stronger, I feel like I'll be right there.

"You always feel like you could do more. And that's kind of how I felt. I probably wasn't in the best shape that I thought I could be in. I was in shape. But I wanted to be in the best shape possible to be able to constantly go. I just want to take my body, my game, my mindset to another level and just stay focused, stay prepared and really just prepare to get after it next season."

As a first team All-ACC performer last season, there is no ceiling for Peterson and the Orange heading in to next season. With the level of focus she seems to have, don't be surprised to see her make a run at becoming an All-American in 2016-2017.