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2016 Syracuse Orange Blogger Awards Voting: Most #DisloyalIdiot

There's a lot of #DisloyalIdiots out there. Which idiot was the most disloyal of all?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The 2016 Syracuse Orange Blogger (S.O.B.) Awards are here. Honoring the players, coaches, fans and moments from the 2015-2016 Syracuse Orange basketball season, we here at TNIAAM are splitting the process between ourselves and you, the dear readers.

Today's category: Most #DisloyalIdiot

Every since Jim Boeheim branded Andy Katz as "disloyal" and an "idiot," we've often wondered who is the most disloyal and most idiotic at any given time when it comes to Syracuse basketball. There's always so many wonderful idiots to choose from. The 2015-2016 provided us with a lot of fantastic options...

Doug Gottlieb: The one. The only. Gottz got under the skin of Syracuse fans once again when railed on and on and on about how Syracuse didn't deserve to be in the tournament, even as they were headed to the Final Four. He openly called out Syracuse fans on multiple occasions because his skin is thinner than papier-mâché and we returned the favor in kind.

Seth Davis: Davis has a knack for making really bad upset predictions against Syracuse and did it again this year. He then got all huffy when SU fans pointed out his error. He did take time to note that "real journalists" like himself have a job to do.

Pat Forde: Forde was a huge fan of Middle Tennessee State when they upset Michigan State, stating that they were underseeded and could make a serious run. Then Syracuse beat them and all of a sudden they sucked. Weird.

Joe Lunardi: Lunardi was seething following Selection Sunday when Syracuse got in to the tournament. Some bracketologists had the Orange in but not Joe, and he wanted to make sure everyone knew that the committee was the incorrect party, not him.

TNIAAM: What a bunch of blogger hacks. Sean, John and the rest of those jerks are wannabes who just talk big from their mother's basement on the West Coast like they know what they're talking about. Truth is, they don't know anything. Stick to writing about beer and The Walking Dead, neither of which you know anything about either.

Cast your vote in the poll and make your case in the comments below. The TNIAAM crew will make their own selection and then we'll combine the results to pick our winner. We'll announce the winner in a post later this week that includes some of your comments as well as ours.