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Syracuse Basketball: The 2016 S.O.B. Awards Are Here!

The 2015-2016 Syracuse basketball season is over, so let's hand out some fake hardware.

The S.O.B. (Syracuse Orange Blogger) Awards. They're as much a part of our history and tradition as the Legend of 44, Otto and even the color orange platinum.

Used to be we'd gather up all the SU blogs on the webernet and each one would cast a vote in helping to determine the winners. Since then, most of us have grown up, joined networks of our own and moved on. Nowadays, we like to keep it in-house here at TNIAAM.

For each category below, we'll put up an open thread & poll for TNIAAM readers to cast their own votes for the winners and explain why. Sometimes it will be an obvious winner and sometimes not. Either way, whatever the readers decide will count for 50% of the vote on each category.

The other 50% will come from the highly-educated and well-versed TNIAAM staff, who will cast their own votes. Together, we'll find out exactly who and what were the best & worst of the 2015-2016 Syracuse basketball season.

Here are the categories, expect to start seeing the voting threads shortly...

  • Best Freshman
  • Best Sophomore
  • Best Junior
  • Best Senior
  • Best Walk-On/Bench Player
  • Most Surprising Player
  • Most Valuable Player
  • Best Boeheim Quote of the Season
  • Best Moment of the Season
  • Most #DisloyalIdiot
  • Best SU Photo
  • Best Syracuse-Related Animated GIF/Vine
  • Best Meme of the Year
  • Best Syracuse Player/Coach Tweet Of The Year
  • Best Non-Player/Coach Tweet Of The Year