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"Syracuse Day" at Yankee Stadium Takes Place on June 25

"Syracuse Day" returns to the house that George Steinbrenner built.

Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Yankee Stadium: Home of the famed New York Yankees and the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. Only one team has ever won the Pinstripe Bowl twice. That team, of course, is New York's College Team, the Syracuse Orange.

As a reward* for their athletic prowess and baseball field football acumen, Syracuse gets a day all their own in New York's most famous ballpark (sorry, Citi Field, I still like you... even if not as much as Shea).

This year, that day is June 25.

While the New York Yankees take on the Minnesota Twins, you can enjoy a stadium littered with orange amidst debates about both the Yanks and Syracuse's chances to finish fourth in their respective divisions this year. One of those conversations will be decidedly angry and negative. The other, however? #InDinoWeTrust

Ticket options for this momentous occasion range from $24 to $200. You can check out the full list of ticket packages on the registration site. Syracuse also points out some bus options for those in Syracuse and Binghamton, as well as Orange fan stronghold New Brunswick, N.J.


More details to come on Otto appearances, SU luminaries and fan activities too. It's the most Orange you'll get in the middle of summer -- the height of the college sports offseason. So really, you don't have a choice but to go.