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Which Products Should Syracuse Athletes Endorse Once the NCAA Allows It?

Big East commissioner Val Ackerman intimated that the NCAA is reviewing the possibility of allowed college athletes to endorse products. So, which ones should the Orange schill for?

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

A rather surprising piece of information dropped over the weekend courtesy of Big East commissioner Val Ackerman regarding allowing NCAA athletes to endorse products while also maintaining eligibility.

"That’s one that’s actually under consideration I believe by the NCAA," Ackerman said. "It’s actually a time right now where student athlete interests are being closely examined. I don’t have an answer for you on that one today but I will say that and a number of other topics are under review, and I think rightly by the NCAA and it’s very possible that over the course of the next year or two as these these ideas work their way through the legislative system you could see changes."

Who knows how far along this really is or if it'll ever happen but it's actually a smart way for the NCAA to go to maintain authority. Give athletes a chance to monetize their value but under the NCAA's rules and auspices. Also, it might slow down some athletes from going pro since they're already making money. I'll believe it when I see it but it certainly makes you wonder...

If Syracuse Orange athletes could endorse products or companies, which ones would they become pitchmen or women for?

Tyler Lydon - Moustache Wax

moustache wax

Malachi Richardson - Line of Wacky Sunglasses


Eric Dungey - Fiber Glass Construction Helmets


Steve Ishmael - Special Edition of Moby Dick

moby dick

Ben Williams - Advanced Locks


Jade Philips - Wheaties


Any other ideas?