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Syracuse Basketball: Should Dajuan Coleman Wear His Headband vs. North Carolina?

This is not a subject talked about enough, so we made it one.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange basketball is already notorious for one head-related feature, Tyler Lydon's coveted mustache Rico. However, one head-related feature that hasn't really garnered the attention it deserves is Dajuan Coleman's headband.

Without Headband

DaJuan Coleman made the bold decision to play with a naked forehead in 17 of Syracuse's 36 games. Here's a quick analysis of how he's done in those games:

Record: 11-6

Notable Wins: Syracuse has had a fair amount of success without the headband's assistance. Key victories sans headband include Duke, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, and Florida State.

Notable Losses: Syracuse definitely could've used the headband on some days. Some of their key losses include the first two losses to Pitt, Miami, the first UNC game, and Louisville.

With Headband

Coleman has worn his headband for 19 of the Orange's 36 games. While it has certainly had its successes, it has also had a fair share of failures. Here's a quick analysis of the headband's performance:

Record: 12-7

Notable Wins: The headband has had some very good days, with key wins over the likes of NC State, UConn, Texas A&M, and EVERY NCAA TOURNAMENT GAME SO FAR.

Notable Losses: St. John's. I could end there, but losses also came against Wisconsin, Georgetown, Florida State, Clemson, and Pitt.


Syracuse has definitely had spotty records with or without the headband. The records (12-7 with, 11-6 without) are too close to make a definitive decision. But considering Coleman has worn it for every tournament win so far, the headband may be the answer.

Do you think Coleman should wear the headband on Saturday? A trip to the National Title game could be riding on his sweaty brow.