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Bracketology Update: Syracuse Looking Like a Play-In 11 Seed Right Now

Most of the bracketologists have the Orange in the play-in game right now but seeding swings from 9 to 11.

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Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange went into last week as a 9-seed in the eyes of most. Two losses later and it looks like most folks see them as needing to play an extra game.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN: 11-seed in play-in game vs. 11-seed Oregon State in Brooklyn/East Regional.

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports: 10-seed vs. 7-seed Colorado in Providence/Midwest Regional.

Chris Dobbertean, SB Nation: 11-seed in play-in game vs. 11-seed VCU in Brooklyn/East Regional.

Patrick Stevens, WaPo: 10-seed vs. 7-seed Wisconsin in St. Louis/West Regional (though he admits SU can't play Wisky in reality)

Shelby Mast, USA Today: 11-seed in play-in game vs. 11-seed Cincinnati in Denver/Midwest Regional

Stewart Mandel, Fox Sports: 9-seed vs. 8-seed Providence in Des Moines/Midwest Regional

In multiple instances, Syracuse is among the Last Four In. Of course, there's a lot that can still change, not only because of the ACC Tournament but in how other bubble teams perform and how other conference tournaments ends. Seeding might not be in SU's control but if there's a way to someone finagle a trip to Brooklyn or Providence, that might be the best-case for the Orange.