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Syracuse Basketball: Jim Boeheim Gives the Presser You'd Expect at the Final Four

Jim Boeheim spoke to media at NRG Stadium today and... did exactly what you've come to expect.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The "Jim Boeheim doesn't care what you think" narrative may have reached its apex today at NRG Stadium in Houston. The Syracuse Orange head basketball coach held his press conference in front of the large group of assembled press and... as usual, gave press whatever he felt like giving them. captured the key quotes, as always. You can view those on Twitter or below.

He starts pretty light:

Someone asked about today's South Carolina news. Once Jim actually finds out about it, that's a whole new media cycle, don't you worry...

Talking about his contract, since it seems some were thrown for a loop after comments the other day:

Regarding the press:

Dig no. 1:

On Atlantis, and... I thought Jim hated vacations?

Some notes on Michael Gbinije and Trevor Cooney:

Oh, and he hears you, Trevor haters.

On Roy Williams and why he'd obviously like to avoid seeing him win a third championship this year:

#SickBurn. Seems he doesn't care about you lingering haters much anymore...

And of course, sanctions talk:

^ expect the teeth gnashing to be INSANE on the comment above (it already is if you've been on Twitter).


Expect a lot more about the NCAA sanctions bit, especially the differentiation of cheating vs. breaking rules. That's rankling folks and adding fuel to the never-ending fire certain sections of the media is trying mightily to burn about that instead of analyzing Syracuse vs. North Carolina.

Plenty more to come out of this press conference alone. We'll have more on media reactions, etc. between this afternoon and tomorrow.