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Syracuse Basketball: TNIAAM in Houston for the Final Four

Hey, time to chat about what's going on for Syracuse fans (some of them us, specifically) in Houston.


At this point, you probably know whether or not you're going to Houston to see our Syracuse Orange basketball team in the Final Four. I'll be there, in all my #disloyalty. And Hoya Suxa's going to be there too. And chances are a bunch of you are going to be around as well. So since I never see any of you while enjoying the sun and drought-like conditions of the West Coast, let's hang out.

There are various places that can happen. Or you could always use some of the spots below to just talk to each other instead. That's cool too.

Official Syracuse Final Four Watch Party

Perhaps some of you are headed to Houston and not going to the games? Or maybe you live in Houston and would rather spend the night watching from the comfort of an Orange-tinged bar. The local Syracuse alumni group has you covered at Lucky's downtown (801 Emanuel Street, Houston, TX 77003) with a big room reserved and SU drink specials.

Pre-Game Party on Saturday

The official pre-game party for Syracuse fans will take place at NRG Stadium (where the games are held) in Hall A at 3:30 p.m. CT. Tickets are $65 per person and you can see details (and can purchase) at the link here. There are going to be a lot of pre-game fan events and crowded bars, etc. around Houston. This is the only one that's specifically Orange-centric and comes with the University's own rubber stamp.

Women's Final Four Game Watch

This is location TBD, but the official watch party will take place at one of the local hotels. I'm fine with tagging TNIAAM onto that... or we can do our own thing in a less "official" capacity and just hang out with one another if we want. I'll leave that up to you all in the comments. If we decide to do our own thing, we'll need NOLACuse's help for a venue selection on Sunday night.

Updated: Women's game-watch party will take place at Lucky's as well (see address, link above), starting at 7 p.m. CT (game starts at 7:30). So something a little more organized now if we'd like to have to TNIAAM thing as part of that. Will cede to the conversation NOLACuse and I started in the comment section.

... speaking of NOLACuse, you should go ahead and read his guides to Houston beer and local food, respectively. He's the official TNIAAM Houston expert and will be posting additional updates for the rest of the week. I'll have to buy him a beer to thank him for those tips on what to drink. Saved me hours of putting off work to troll around Beer Advocate.


The above is all we have for right now, but that doesn't mean we're done if the Orange beat North Carolina. Chances are another round of events comes along for Sunday to Monday if we're playing for a championship, at which point, we'll have additional updates for everyone.

Looking forward to meeting many of you down there! Once I head to Houston on Friday, the easiest way to get in touch with me to coordinate things is going to be Twitter. And if you're not in Houston, don't worry, this place won't be a ghost town. Sean's still here, writing posts decidedly less profane than anything I would, win or lose.