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Syracuse Master Plan Gives One Answer on Carrier Dome's Future

While there weren't a lot of details shared at Wednesday's Campus Framework session, we did learn that the Dome won't be moving locations anytime soon.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot of anticipation when Syracuse University officials announced a session to discuss the Campus Master Plan Framework. Lots of Syracuse Orange fans hoped the session would provide some answers as to the future of the Carrier Dome, but unfortunately many of those questions still remain after the presentation.

The majority of the hour-long session provided historical context as to the design of the SU campus, along with the process being led by Sasaki Associates to recommend this Master Plan. Attendees learned that the framework of the plan calls for the creation of three Promenades, with the Carrier Dome being integral to the Academic Promenade. This means that the plan is for the Dome to remain in its current location and anchor the Promenade, which would be an stretching from the Life Sciences Building across the Quad until it reached the Dome. This plan would include the removal of the Physics Building, along with extensive renovations to the Archbold Gym recreation facilities.

The renovated Archbold and Dome would be the highlights of an area focused on Student Health & Wellness and the Dome was specifically described by School of Architecture Dean Michael Speaks as being an "ACC-level caliber facility". I know some will be disappointed to hear that SU isn't looking at a new stadium, but there is something to be said for the continuity that exists from having the Dome on the same footprint as Archbold Stadium.

Other discussion during the session focused on two additional Promenades, which SU officials hope to create at Waverly Ave and University Place. The goal is to make campus more accessible for students, and to create better movement between the academic buildings and surrounding areas. Officials said all plans are flexible and open to change, and could only confirm one specific project: the National Veterans Resource Center.

Anticipation is that the Syracuse Board of Trustees will review the proposals at their May meeting, and further planning would be then made public. In other words, don't expect anything new on the Dome until after Commencement.