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2016 Final Four: No, Jim Boeheim Will Not Retire if Syracuse Wins The National Championship

Boeheim put that looming question to bed on Monday, even though you know it's still going to be asked fifty more times.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

You know the question was going to come up eventually. And you know it's still going to come up even though Jim Boeheim answered it Monday on Dan Patrick's radio program. But just so we can get it out of the way, no Jim Boeheim will not retire ahead of schedule if the Syracuse Orange win two more games and take home a National Title next week.

"No, absolutely not. No. No matter what. I've always thought when you win, why would you want to get out (laughs)? I've always wondered about that. People saying you should go out a winner. Winning should make you want to come back and try to do it again."

"I think the only reason coaches get out is if they are bad (laughs). Things are bad and aren't looking good. Then maybe its time to get out. I've talked to a lot of coaches and they all said the same thing: coach as long as you can."

It's what I've always assumed about Boeheim. He's destined to stick around a couple years too long. It makes perfect sense.

Though it does make you wonder if the announced retirement that has him going out after two more seasons is actually set in stone. Certainly doesn't seem like it considering how Boeheim spoke on Monday.

Boeheim also said that he did expect Syracuse to beat Dayton but didn't think the Orange would probably get past Michigan State in the second round.

Boeheim also admitted even he doubted that the Orange could come back from 16-down vs. Virginia.

"I wouldn't have thought we could come back when we were 14 down and really started pressing for sure. Ijust didn't think we could get there. But we wanted to give it every effort. Sometimes when you do that, something good happens."

Well, something good happened.