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Want to Watch Syracuse at the Final Four? Get Your Tickets From PrimeSport Today

The following post is sponsored by PrimeSport.

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With the Syracuse Orange in the Final Four, and you probably not expecting that to happen (understandably), there's a real scramble to get the best prices for tickets and accommodations. If you've still yet to book your trip to Houston and tickets to the game, perhaps give PrimeSport a shot.

PrimeSport is the Official Ticket & Hospitality Provider of the NCAA, and you can use this link here to purchase any number of fan experiences related to the Final Four. Tickets to Syracuse's matchup with North Carolina? They're there, along with tickets to the National Championship too -- whether or not the Orange are there (I don't know... maybe you're into non-Syracuse basketball as well) Want more than just the regular ticket experience and need the upgrade to VIP Hospitality? That's there for you -- and is the advised route to to take if you want to be able to consume some adult beverages around tipoff time (remember, NCAA events don't sell alcohol).

For those going for some value, PrimeSport's travel packages are actually pretty affordable, all thing considered. Two guests can stay in town for four nights, with VIP access and Final Four game tickets (plus other perks) for under $2,500 total. Not a bad deal, when you consider the cost of all of those items individually.


Hoping to see a lot of you in Houston this weekend. If you do go, it's probably worth at least checking out PrimeSport to see what their ticket packages can do for you. And if you're interested in other major sporting events throughout the calendar, be sure to check them out for those instances too.