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2016 Final Four: What Has Been Syracuse's Craziest Tournament Moment So Far?

In a tournament that has seen crazy moments, crazy comebacks, crazy wins and just general amounts of crazy, what's the craziest thing to happen so far for the Syracuse Orange?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Has it only been two weeks since the 2016 NCAA Tournament started? It feels like it's been going on for a month already. That's probably due to just how much of an emotional toll each Syracuse Orange game has taken on fans. Every game has had crazy moments, the last two have had crazy finishes, and all four feel like crazy wins given what we knew about this team headed into the tournament.

So now that the dust is settling and we're in the Final Four, we asked everyone what the craziest moment of all has been so far...

Claudia Ceva

I think the craziest has been Tyler Lydon losing his shoe. He immediately got up and started playing without it. The fact that he was able to collect himself and drain a three was icing on the cake, in my eyes. Parody Twitter accounts just don't appear out of nowhere.

Ari Gilberg

This entire run has been crazy, but if I had to pick one moment it would have to be Syracuse coming back from a 16-point second-half deficit to stun Virginia. Syracuse was shooting under 30 percent from the field at the time had been shut down by Virginia's defense for almost the entire game. The Orange's star player and leader in Michael Gbinije was having arguably his worst game offensively. London Perrantes was carving up Syracuse's 2-3 zone like a turkey on Thanksgiving. It seemed like Syracuse's run was finally going to come to an end and then Jim Boeheim decided to switch to a man-to-man press and Malachi Richardson played like a man possessed. You know the rest.

John Orsenigo

My craziest moment came with 4:45 left in the first round game against the Dayton Flyers. Tyler Roberson had just grabbed his 18th and final rebound of the game, which put him one shy of tying the record for rebounds in an NCAA tourney game by an SU player. Roberson's massive game against Dayton set the tone for his play throughout the NCAA Tournament. Through four games, he is averaging 10.3 points and 11.8 rebounds per game. For a player whose career has been defined by inconsistency, Tyler Roberson has put it all together at the perfect time. His play and energy have been essential to Syracuse's run, and anyone who has watched him play over the course of his career knows that seeing him be this consistently good could be defined as "crazy". Let's hope that becomes the more accepted norm moving forward.

Kevin Wall

The craziest moment was Lydon losing his shoe, tossing it to the side and then calmly stepping into a 3-point shot. It highlights how this team has maintained their composure despite all that has gone on this entire season.

John Cassillo

Without being able to lean on the entire comeback against Virginia as a singular "moment," we're probably looking at Tyler Lydon's block against the Zags. If that shot falls, you're looking at something right up there with Keith Fucking Smart (obviously slightly lesser stakes for SU this time around). But instead, Lydon made a great read with the clock ticking down and saved the Orange's season. In the moment, it was far from obvious that would be the outcome. But pandemonium turned quickly into the freshman as SU's savior that night.

Sean Keeley

I still have to go with the moment when it became clear that Syracuse was probably going to win the Virginia game. I think it was Malachi Richardson's three-pointer to put the Orange up four. He then did that thing with his hands over his eyes that is the visual we'll always associate with this team now and you knew that was it. As the guy who had already started writing SU's obituary, I was shocked and yet on some level I still say I made it happen.

What do you think is the caziest SU moment so far?