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2016 Final Four Odds: Syracuse Orange Now 8/1 to Win National Title

The Syracuse Orange have bucked the odds to get to the Final Four. Now let's see whar kind of odds they're getting to keep winning.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange came into the 2016 NCAA Tournament with 150-1 odds to win the National Championship. Bet you're wishing you took that when you had the chance, don't you?

When they reached the Sweet Sixteen, those odds came down to 33-1. Again, you're kicking yourself right now.

Well here's your last chance to invest (for the purposes of fun only) in a potential Syracuse National Title. The Final Four odds are out and the Orange remain the longshot with 8-1 odds. Their opponent, the North Carolina Tar Heels, are the prohibitive favorites.

North Carolina (1/1)

Villanova (11/4)

Oklahoma (7/2)

Syracuse  (8/1)

If you want to get creative, there's a few other bets out there as well.

Exact finals matchup in the 2016 NCAA Championship

North Carolina vs Villanova (11/10)

North Carolina vs Oklahoma (8/5)

Syracuse vs Villanova (7/1)

Syracuse vs Oklahoma (9/1)

Odds to win Tournament MOP

Michael Gbinije (14/1)

Trevor Cooney (33/1)

Malachi Richardson (33/1)

What, no odds on Kaleb Joseph?

Meanwhile, there's one person out of all of us who is probably rooting for Syracuse just a tiny bit harder than the rest. We want the Orange to win for championship gold, bragging rights, and the pure joy of victory. Meanwhile, whoever laid down a bet on SU to win the title back on January 13 at the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas has a slightly bigger incentive.

On Jan. 13, the Westgate SuperBook had Syracuse listed at 1,000-1 to win the NCAA tournament. Even though the Orange were struggling at that point, some folks had faith. The Westgate booked four bets, totaling $135, at that price, including a $100 ticket that would pay $100,100.

SU was 1000-1 that week only and quickly came down to 500-1. Not quick enough for the Westgate. Good luck, sir or madam, and good luck Syracuse.