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2016 NCAA Elite Eight: Syracuse Orange (22-13) vs Virginia Cavaliers (29-7) GameThread

The SU women took care of business earlier on Sunday. Now it's time for the Syracuse men's squad to buck the odds once more and see if they can get to the Final Four as well.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Every time you think you've seen the best moment in the Syracuse Orange basketball season, another one happens. The women's squad keeps raising their own bar, now reaching the Final Four. Each win by the men's squad has been a delight given the low expectations headed into the NCAA Tournament. That makes Sunday's game against the 1-seed Virginia Cavaliers just the latest in a long line of games that SU isn't supposed to win...and that's what makes the possibilities so enticing.

The Orange and Cavaliers will tip around 6:09 p.m. and the game will be televised on TBS. The loser's season ends and the winner goes to the Final Four.

For Virginia, it's what they're supposed to do. The pressure is on them. For the Orange, it would be an amazing capper (for now) on a tournament run that few outside of Orange Nation ever wanted.

Get up to speed with our Virginia blog Q&A and listen to what Boeheim and the players had to say.

Here's all the particulars about the game, history, rivalry, and notable players.

We don't expect the Orange to win but that's probably a good sign as this team loves defying expectations these days.

Leave your pre-, in- and post-game comments below. G'ORANGE!