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2016 NCAA Tournament: Syracuse Meets the Press Before Sweet 16 vs. Gonzaga

Jim Boeheim spoke to the media yesterday, and said all the things you probably figured he'd say.

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While Gonzaga was barking like some junkyard (bull) dogs about beating the zone yesterday, the Syracuse Orange had a much less consequential time with attended media in Chicago. Jim Boeheim, Michael Gbinije and Trevor Cooney all spoke to press on Thursday in advance of SU's Sweet 16 matchup on Friday night. grabbed a lot of the quotes over on Twitter, so you can swing over there for a full, chronological look at how the press conference went down, along with resulting stories.

Gbinije and Cooney's time was pretty short, but the former did share one quality note on his transition to point guard.

When Boeheim arrived for his own session, he expanded upon that change -- one that's become the key to a resurgent offense of late:

The above proves just how much Jim CAN actually change his mind, especially given his disregard for Mike when assistant coach Adrian Autry first brought up the possibility of bringing the Duke transfer aboard. Boeheim shared more in the post (see previous link) on

"This year we just decided early that he was going to be the point guard. We adjusted our offense a little bit. He's not a normal true point guard, but he's gotten better and better, and he gives you a bigger presence there. I think the biggest thing he's done is his judgment has gotten much better. His ball handling has gotten much better. Also it's not crucial, but his shooting has gotten better, which helps you to get defenses up on you, stuff like that.''

He also never would have envisioned Gbinije as a point guard when he transferred. It's something that's baffled Duke fans as well, who saw a complete opposite player during his short time down in Durham.

Jim also talked about Syracuse's opponent, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, because it's usually good to address your opponent a bit before a game.

He's friends with Zags coach Mark Few, if you didn't know. But he also talked about Gonzaga star Kyle Wiltjer:


Boeheim closes with some notes on the oft-criticized handling of Tyler Roberson earlier this season. put together a quality post on his feedback there, and how he regularly pushes players. For what it's worth, the long-time SU coach has no intentions on adjusting this late in the game:

Never change, Jim...


Hopefully this isn't the last we hear from a positive, pleasant Boeheim this season. Win or lose tonight, the Syracuse coach will be back to greet reporters at Chicago's United Center following the game.