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Syracuse in Sweet Sixteen: Just How Bad of a Dancer is Shaun Belbey?

There was still a little bit of time for fun as the Orange prepare for the Sweet Sixteen.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange have been enjoying themselves in Chicago while preparing for their upcoming Sweet Sixteen game against the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Let's check out some of the off-court hijinks.

First up, the Daily Orange's Matt Schneidman asked who the best and worst dancers on the team where. While there were many differences in who was the best, there was one clear winner on the worst.

Doyin Akintobi-Adeyeye: The worst is Belbey, Shaun Belbey, hands down.
Adrian Autry: Best dancer, Doyin. Worst dancer, Belbey
Ky Feldman: [Belbey's] hands down the worst. It’s not close.
Jonathan Radner: Worst, it’s a consensus, it’s Belbey.
Tyler Lydon: Belbey by far … I didn’t even realize he was sitting next to me. Oh my god, it’s almost embarrassing to watch him out there.

At this point I really feel like we need to see Shaun Belbey dance. Let's pay attention during any bench celebration shots.

Read more about the walk-on experience during the NCAA Tournament here.

The Orange got some new kicks and gear courtesy of Nike when they arrived. Rather than get into the logistics of how it's okay for Nike to give college athletes free gifts, let's just watch them get excited about it and shut up.