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2016 NCAA Tournament: Syracuse Ruining Another Thing - Uniforms Colors

As a double-digit seed, Syracuse is supposed to don it's road uniform in the NCAA Tournament. But leave it to SU to mess another thing up...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I tried to apologize for everything I could possibly think of that the Syracuse Orange basketball team has ruined in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. Turns out there was one thing I forgot to include: uniform colors.

As a 10-seed, the expectation is that Syracuse would probably end up wearing their road orange uniforms most of the time. However, after topping 7-seed Dayton, the Orange got to don the home whites when they played 15-seed Middle Tennessee. And now that they're playing another lower seed, the 11-seed Gonzaga Bulldogs, they're going to wear the whites again.

And that's something that no double-digit seed has ever done. SORRY!

Syracuse is the first double-digit seed to be the "home'' team twice in the same NCAA Tournament, according to NCAA officials.

The good news for NCAA Tournament uniform combo purists is that if the Orange win, they will always be in road oranges from here on out since they'd be the lowest seed left. See, we haven't ruined EVERYTHING. Yet.