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Syracuse Basketball: Orange Get 9-Seeds All Around in Latest Bracketology Projections

After a close loss to North Carolina, nothing's really changed for Syracuse.

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The Syracuse Orange need another win or two to truly feel at ease come Selection Sunday. But right now, it appears that most of the internet's top bracketologists believe that SU would be dancing if the season ended today. This, despite the close loss to North Carolina on Monday night, is a good sign. Still, there's work to be done if we want projections like these to hold. On to those:

Over on the mothership, SB Nation, Chris Dobbertean has the 19-11 Orange as a 9-seed in the Midwest Region. They'd face old Big East foe Seton Hall in the first round over in Des Moines, Iowa. Should they win that hypothetical matchup, top-seeded Kansas would be next up. The last time SU faced the Jayhawks in the NCAA Tournament, things obviously went well for us. Maybe they would again?

In his own latest, CBS's Jerry Palm has Syracuse as a 9 as well, though facing USC (hey, why is DOCTOR Gross's door locked?) down in the South bracket instead. If they were to beat the Trojans in Oklahoma City, they'd likely face the 1-seed Oklahoma Sooners in front of a very partisan crowd. SU's last tangle with Oklahoma in the NCAAs was unpleasant. Thanks, Blake Griffin.

USA Today echoes the 9-seed projection, but sends Syracuse to the friendly confines of New York City to face off with St. Joseph's. Should they win that hypothetical matchup, they'll be the latest team to knock off Villanova in round two face the strongly disliked Villanova Wildcats in front of a packed house that will be pro-Orange despite the Wildcats' own proximity to Brooklyn's Barclays Center.

ESPN hasn't updated theirs since early Monday, but Joe Lunardi also went with the DOC Gross fever dream, pitting a 9-seed Syracuse against USC, this time in the Midwest (and once again, Kansas's bracket).


Seeing nines across the board sounds like a promising outlook for Syracuse, and it is. But again, we need more wins to be sure of our place. We also need a couple teams to cease playing so well (or continue playing poorly) to further help our cause. So who might our "bubble brethren" be, so you know who to root against while watching scoreboards over the next couple weeks? (not an exhaustive list, just a sampling of some teams)

Oregon State Beavers: The Beavs are "in" or "out" depending on who you ask. But like Syracuse, they're in this situation because of total losses (10 right now). If OSU can finish out with wins and maybe win a round or two in the Pac-12 Tournament, they should be firmly in the field, especially since it'll add to their already quality total of six top-50 victories.

Michigan Wolverines: Wins over Maryland, Texas and Purdue are the only things keeping the Wolverines afloat. But at 20-10 overall, they currently have a leg-up on Syracuse. Like OSU, if they win a couple conference tournament games, then that should help a ton. Michigan could be sweating things on Selection Sunday with an early exit from the B1G's festivities.

Butler Bulldogs: At 19-9, with one real quality win (Purdue), there's just not a whole lot helping Butler beyond total victories. They escaped a resume-killing loss against Georgetown last Saturday, but still need to use the Big East Tournament to pick up another win or two to solidify their case absent of standout games to point to when the committee deliberates.

Florida Gators: The Gators could've played themselves in with a win over Kentucky last night, potentially. Instead, they're probably on the outside looking in barring an SEC Tournament run. The team's 14 losses are too much to look past, despite a tough schedule to this point. They're now 2-9 against the RPI top 50.

Gonzaga Bulldogs: Gonzaga fails to possess a top-50 win and currently sits in second in the West Coast Conference. They may already be out minus a league tournament title. But keep an eye on where they trend to end the year if they're in that at-large conversation.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane: Tulsa's 19-10 and owns wins over quality AAC teams (SMU, Temple). That's really it for them. They'll be secure with an AAC Tournament championship, clearly. But outside of that, the Golden Hurricane might need to pick up a couple quality wins against the Owls, UConn or Cincinnati if they really want to get noticed come selection time.

St. Bonaventure Bonnies: St. Bonaventure's played very well since Syracuse's win over them way back in 2015. That helps the Orange both in terms of head-to-head comparison and strength of schedule. The Bonnies might need another big win over Dayton or St. Joseph's to truly guarantee a spot in the field.

Alabama Crimson Tide: Another team that needs quality wins, and they'll have to wait until the SEC Tournament's later rounds to get them. The Tide are straddling the line in most projections right now, and that'll likely stay true until we know their league championship fate.

Florida State Seminoles: FSU was dead and buried, but then they went and throttled Notre Dame. They key to knocking them out of the picture is simple: Syracuse needs to win on Saturday. Do that, and there is no comparison between the two. Lose, and... well, there's a whole lot more problems that come after that too.