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Join The TNIAAM 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

It's time to find out who has the heuvos to actually pick Syracuse to win the National Championship.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The 2016 NCAA Tournament is nigh and that means we have to have a bracket challenge, right?

So we shall.

The TNIAAM community is welcome to join the TNIAAM 2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge as such...

Yahoo! Pool NameThe Absolute Bracket Challenge

Yahoo! Pool ID: 169969

Password: Janulis4Three

We're playing for straight-up bragging rights this year. Also, while we don't award bonus points for sending the Syracuse Orange far, we may provide a tip of the cap to anyone crazy enough to do so.

I've already inputted my bracket and, somehow, I ended up with Villanova, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Michigan State in my Final Four and MSU winning the whole thing. So I suppose if I'm right we might be able to say that every time Tom Izzo wins a National Title, he has to go through Syracuse to get there. It's all about the little dreams, people. Take'm where you can get'm.