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Buy Scott Shafer's House For $599K & Throw Your Own Pool Parties

The place where Syracuse football went to hang out in the pool is now for sale, asking $599K.

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As is customary when a head coach of a college program is no longer the head coach of a college program, the house they called home goes on the market. Such is that time for Scott Shafer's Manlius residence, which has hit the market asking $599K.

That's a far cry from the $1.4M house that Doug Marrone lived in while he was head coach here, but Shafer's house was also what be bought when he was defensive coordinator, not HC.

The Shafers apparently did a lot of work on the home after buying it in 2009. The listing boasts over $150,000 in improvements as well as $100,000 of work in the backyard. We're guessing part of that went towards the pool that hosted a few Syracuse Orange player pool parties over the years.


That's an 800-square-foot saltwater pool, FYI. You also get a gazebo, gas fire pit and a putting green.