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James Arthur Watches Syracuse Basketball Lose to Pittsburgh

TNIAAM's resident mascot dog weighs in after a tough defeat.


The following is authored by James Arthur, whom you've already met in such acclaimed posts as "Meet New TNIAAM Blog Mascot James Arthur" and "James Arthur Makes National Signing Day Decision." Of course these are his words below. Why wouldn't they be?

"Man, before yesterday's game with Pitt, I could not have been more excited. I mean, nervous, sure. But mostly excited. Dad gave me a treat, so that was the excited part. Nervous might have been the only emotion. I'm not entirely nailed down on what emotions are, either, so take that for what it's worth. In any case, I was anxiously looking at the task at hand with some optimism."

James Happy

"Syracuse was winning early and Pitt could do nothing right. Their shots weren't falling, the Orange's were. Even the neckbeard man was making his shots. This was wonderful. What could go wrong? Take that, Panthers! (which are really just large cats, and I hate cats)"

James Tongue Beer

"Guhhh... Pitt not only pulled ahead, but they started winning by a lot. I wanted no part of the game anymore. Go away, basketball. Life is a cruel mistress. Or a trip to the vet."

James Basketball Rz

"Then something weird happened. Syracuse started coming back. Maybe it was that Frank character. Or the absence of neckbeard man. Or the G-baconator character Dad says nice things about was just playing well. In any case, it was safe to look once again."

James Concern

"Syracuse lost. They had a chance to win at the end, but they did not make the last shot. Neckbeard man missed. I don't pin that all on him. But nonetheless, they missed. Syracuse's tournament hopes are on life support. What happened to the team that was 3-0 during the early part of my tenure? Go away, I don't want to talk about this."

James ignoring

"Go to Dad. He likes talking about things when they're bad..."

Melange Resize

"Oh, I see he's busy. It's been a long game. I'll be asleep. Wake me up when next season starts."

"There could be more games? In the NIT? I don't know what that, or a 'Hofstra' is, but point stands. I'll be asleep."

James Robe


Thanks for hanging in there with us this year, James.