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Syracuse Basketball: Bubble Teams Keep Winning, Worrying Orange Fans More

Adding insult to injury today, unfortunately...

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

As you're well aware, the Syracuse Orange unfortunately lost to the Pittsburgh Panthers yesterday. The defeat deals a pretty crushing blow to SU's NCAA Tournament chances. But nonetheless, there IS still a chance the Orange find a way into this thing. So we still need other bubble teams to start losing...

They haven't really done so thus far.

A look at last night's bubble teams and their results -- almost all of which are positive for them:

Colorado 80, Washington State 56

By most metrics Colorado was probably "in" already at 21-10, but they could've potentially slipped a little had they lost in the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament. A blowout victory instead, however, edges them over the "lock" line if they weren't already.

Georgia Tech 88, Clemson 85 (OT)

At just 17-13, Clemson's hopes were minimal but anchored by a few big victories. A loss eliminates them. But Georgia Tech, on the other hand, might be attempting to play their way into the field following the victory. The Yellow Jackets finished the season well, and are now 19-13. Syracuse fans know that's far from an NCAA Tournament resume, but the Jackets (unlike SU) still have games to play.

Oregon State 75, Arizona State 66

The Beavers were among the hottest teams in the country for awhile late in the regular season, and as a result, played themselves into the NCAA Tournament conversation. But their place in the field wasn't secure, and still isn't despite tonight's victory. It's likely they get in, yes. Another win would certainly help, though. They get the chance to upset Cal today. If they do that, there goes another at-large bid.

TCU 67, Texas Tech 62

Tech might be a lock, but if there were any doubts about the 19-win Red Raiders, this certainly gives some ammunition to that. The Horned Frogs are regularly the Big 12's weakest link and fit the bill once again in 2015-16. But they still jumped up and bit Texas Tech. Again, probably won't mean much. But worth watching if more upsets occur and Texas Tech starts dropping a few lines in bracket projections.

USC 95, UCLA 71

At one point, USC (21-11) seemed to be firmly in the field, but a late-season swoon seemed to cast some doubt on their resurgence. Crushing their chief rival by 24 points to start the Pac-12 Tournament should dispel any thoughts of the Trojans missing the NCAAs now. Which, again, doesn't help us.

Virginia Tech 96, Florida State 85

This was a bit of a play-in game for both teams' (then-) slim chances. The Hokies passed with flying colors and now aim for their 20th win of the season today, when they face Miami in the ACC Quarterfinals. Tech, coached by constant SU nemesis Buzz Williams, have come on strong to close the year, winning six straight contests. If they can beat the 'Canes for the second time in a week, it'll be hard to ignore their at-large case.


If there was any doubt, you'll be rooting against these teams today -- especially the ones like Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech, who respectively still need another win or two to get into the NCAA Tournament conversation. You may now go back to sighing audibly at your desk.