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Syracuse Basketball: Orange Playing For That ACC Tournament Single-Bye

Now that Louisville is out of the ACC Tournament, things have gotten a lot easier for the Orange and their quest for the ACC Tournament single-bye.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Louisville Cardinals are taking our place on the Annual ACC High-Powered Basketball Program Self-Banned From Postseason Play carousel, that means the 2016 ACC Tournament will look a lot like the 2015 ACC Tournament, both of which will have included 14 teams instead of 15.

The change ultimately gives the Syracuse Orange a little bit of breathing room in terms of receiving a single bye and skipping the first round of the tourney.

As it was before Louisville's departure, the top four seeds would receive double-byes and seeds 5-9 would receive a single bye, leaving seeds 10-15 to play on the opening day. Now, Seed No. 10 will also get a single bye, leaving only No. 11-14 to play it out.

Right now, Syracuse is tied for ninth in the Louisville-less ACC standings. Their 6-5 conference record is the same as upcoming opponent Florida State and half a game behind Pittsburgh. Virginia Tech at 5-6 follows the Orange and then the ACC falls off a cliff.

Georgia Tech, NC State, Wake Forest and Boston College are all almost certainly going to be the four teams that play opening day. Virginia Tech can breathe a tiny sigh of relief for now but it's the Orange (and Seminoles) who can breathe a little easier as well. Short of a meltdown, all of those teams appear to be safe for the single bye now.

Of course, there's still plenty of basketball to be played and crazier things have happened. But even if they lose a few games to close out the year, the Orange are back on track to be able to rest up on Day One of the ACCT. And hey, a double-bye isn't out of the realm of possibility, but SU has it's work cut out for itself in order to get there.

So, thanks Louisville! Let us know what you need from Food Lion.