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Jim Boeheim: '[Gbinije is] One of the Most Versatile Players That I've Ever Coached'

What else did Jim Boeheim have to say in the ACC Coaches Teleconference this week?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim stopped by the ACC Coaches Teleconference on Monday to talk about what's going on with the team and look forward to the upcoming matchup against the Florida State Seminoles. Here's some highlights:

On the value of Michael Gbinije:

"We expect him, the two seniors, to be there every game. The strength of our team is to have two fifth-year senior guards," Boeheim said of Gbinije and Trevor Cooney. "Mike does a little bit of everything. He can score. He gets the ball to people. He defends. He rebounds. He plays some forward when we need him to. He's one of the most versatile players that I've ever coached. He plays the 1, 2 and the 3 and he can play them all pretty well. I think he's had a tremendous year."

On where Gbinije is most effective:

"For us, he's most effective at the 1. He plays most of the game at the 1," Boeheim said. "I think he can be effective at the 2, because he would score more, I think. He can play the three and plays it pretty well. He probably would be the most effective at the 2. He's a very good defender there, he's a good passer for a 2-man. He can shoot, he can get to the basket. But we need him to be most of the time at the 1 and he's been very effective for us there. But 2 is probably his best position."

On the freshman, Tyler Lydon and Malachi Richardson:

"They're both getting starters' minutes. They're both very, very important, obviously, to us. They're right there every night. They have to be there for us. We're playing seven, but we're really going with five guys heavy, heavy minutes. And those two guys are in that mix. We need them there every night. They have to play well for us every night for us to win."

On upcoming opponent FSU:

"They've got so many guys that can score. They've got really good size, they've got experience, they've got tremendous offensive talent. I think they've got three guys who are gonna be first-round draft picks and very, very good professional players. They've got a tremendously talented team."

Meanwhile, FSU coach Leonard Hamilton has some thoughts on the Orange:

"I watched a couple games last night. Their defense is as good as it has been, one of the top defensive teams in the league and they shoot the lights out. They offer a lot of challenges for us. We got a tremendous amount of respect for who they are and what they've been over the years. Coach Boeheim has come back to his team and he's rejuvenated them and they're playing awful well."