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Syracuse Football: Let's Watch 'West Side Story' & Bake With Dino Babers

Dino Babers is man of many interests and hobbies. Where does he find the time?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl was fine but the real attraction last night was an interview on CNY Central with Syracuse Orange coach Dino Babers. We got some good insight into who Dino is, how he became the man he is and what motivates him as a football coach.

First of all, he's already got his goals in order:

"Having a parking spot on the opposite side of Coach Boehiem at that restaurant (Delmonicos), that would mean that I probably did something right in the community."

Probably the most insightful answer comes in the form of what football means to Babers and how it shaped his view of the world.

"When you say football to me I think fairness. When I was growing up in the '60s there were some things that weren't fair. What I found was the game of football was fair. Even with the officiating then and with the officiating today it was the fairest thing I was involved in" Dino says.

"I always felt if I practiced hard and did the things I was supposed to be doing. Played the game the way it was supposed to be it would treat me fairly. When I think Football I think of something that I trust. Something that I respect and I talk to the players all the time about playing the game the right way and respecting the game, respecting the tradition of the game and the people who came before you to give you this opportunity. It's a very cleansing and purity type thing when I think of football" he adds.

But let's get to what we're all here for...Dino's movie preferences!

"I haven't had a chance to watch the Academy Award winning movies because of football. My favorite movie of all time is West Side Story" Babers said. Dino added films such as Last of the Mohicans, Troy, A River Runs Through It, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and other as his favorites.

Nothing wrong with a little song and dance. Otherwise, Dino and I basically had the same DVD shelf when I was in college.

But there's more to Dino than just football and movies. So much more...

"I like to bake. I can do cakes I can do pies. I can bake. I will cook but my wife's a really good cook and she loves to eat out and I don't have time so it goes together.

TNIAMM's sole focus now is to facilitate a cooking show with Dino and we won't stop until it happens.

I love history, I love playing scrabble, I love playing "Jeopardy" and keeping score and try to outscore the guys on there. The other thing I do in the Summer, like a show like Game of Thrones, and boom I'll sit down and watch the whole season in one sitting. Whether it ends 2,3,4 o clock in the morning...14,15,16 hours I'll finish it and then I'll pass out. Once I start it I have to finish it and once I finish it I'm done"

Niko loses points for not asking Babers how he felt during The Red Wedding.

Go watch the whole interview here.