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Syracuse Football: Dino Babers Wants More Quarterbacks

If healthy, Eric Dungey will do just fine. But after that, Syracuse really needs to start padding that quarterback depth.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Dungey. Zack Mahoney, Austin Wilson. Rex Culpepper. And maybe Terrel Hunt.

That's what Dino Babers is working with in his first season as head coach of the Syracuse Orange.

Assuming Hunt doesn't get a chance for a sixth-year, that means he's got a starter who is great but injury prone, a backup who doesn't have a scholarship (but is clearly comfortable leading), another guy who hasn't proven very much and a true freshman coming off an injury.

Simply put. Dino Babers needs more quarterbacks.

"I think that we need to have more quarterbacks on the roster, absolutely," Babers said on ESPN Radio Syracuse, "but I don't think it's a situation where we just go out and grab quarterbacks and bring them here. What we want is more capable quarterbacks on the roster and we're going to take our time."

Babers clearly has a vision for his offense and his program. Eric Dungey's no slouch but I'm sure he's going to recruit to his own vision from here on out. Speaking of, how's Eric doing?

"I've seen Eric (Dungey) this morning. He was running and he was fine, so I'm not concerned about him. He's got a clean bill of health."

Missing out on Lindsey Scott may or may not end up biting us in the ass (especially considering he may very well play us in 2017). But there's no doubt Babers and his staff will hit the recruiting trail hard to pick up multiple QBs come this time next year.