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Syracuse Basketball: Updated Odds Give Orange 50-to-1 Shot to Win NCAA Tournament

Sometimes, Vegas is smart, remember that.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Today, sports book Bovada released the latest NCAA Men's National Championship odds. And it looks like your Syracuse Orange are moving up in the world after a pretty nice 6-2 stretch since a week into January.

According to Bovada, the Orange have a 50-to-1 shot to win the NCAA Tournament in April this year This is a big improvement from the meager 150-to-1 odds the team possessed just a few weeks ago.

Some other notables for you, the passionate SU fan, but also hater of the Orange's various past and previous foes:

North Carolina Tar Heels (6-to-1)

Duke Blue Devils (14-to-1)

Louisville Cardinals (14-to-1)

Villanova Wildcats (16-to-1)

Virginia Cavaliers (25-to-1)

Miami Hurricanes (28-to-1)

Connecticut Huskies (40-to-1)

Notre Dame, Pittsburgh (150-to-1)

Georgetown Hoyas (250-to-1)


If someone wants to explain to me how Duke's still that high, well, Dan and I are listening since we made the case for this on Tuesday's podcast. For those that would like to try and collect a nice paycheck for themselves during what would need to be an unlikely and thrilling Syracuse run to a championship, I'm sure you know the proper places to go in order to leave your life savings up to chance.