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National Signing Day: Syracuse Football Class of 2016 Twitterfeeds

Know where to follow all your new favorite Orange football players.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange football team just officially got 20 new football players (maybe more?). That means you've got roughly 20 new Twitterfeeds to follow. We've listed them out below.

A caveat, though...

If you've read this site long enough, you know we're not big fans of reaching out to recruits and being a big creep by trying to convince them to come to SU even though they don't know you and you don't actually have their best interests at heart because you're biased and ultimately you'll start demanding that the kid transfer as soon as he fumbles.


These guys are on the team now, but, we'd still suggest using this as a way to follow and appreciate the players, but maybe not bother them daily with requests for follows, RTs and general creepiness. They're kids and there's a good chance you're not a kid. Some of them will want to interact with fans. Some won't. Try to respect the boundary, whatever it might be.

Player Twitterfeed
Andrew Armstrong
Joshua Black @JoshNBlack
Scoop Bradshaw @4ScoopWay
Devin Butler @Jxmmaaa
Michael Clark @mikeclark77
Devon Clarke
Kendall Coleman @KendallColeman_
Rex Culpepper N/A (Good QB!)
Evan Foster @Flash_fos7
Sam Heckel @Sheckel_76
Carl Jones
Moe Neal @Captainmoe21_
Jaquwan Nelson @Quwan_Boy15
Liam O'Sullivan @biggie_sulls
Sean Riley @seankriley
Kenneth Ruff
Airon Servais
Jo-El Shaw @HesLikeDat_7
Tim Walton @__Walt2x
McKinley Williams